A Warm Welsh Welcome Awaits You


All families are a made up of diverse individuals across the globe, and ours is no different! We have students studying in international universities – flying the Welsh flag from their student digs. Parents providing their children with the gift of Welsh, to take with them on their own journey. The grand – parents, great storytellers who have a wealth of amazing tales and experiences to share about Wales, and even a few great grand parents – Welsh legends in their own right! Whoever you are, wherever you are in the world, we’re confident that you’ll fit in and enjoy being part of our family!

Like One Of Our Own

In our family, you’ll be treated like one of our own, we truly value our members. We stay in regular contact with you through our monthly newsletters. We don’t expect you to tell us what time you got in or what’s for tea, but if you have some news to share, or a question or problem we can help you with, then you can contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We’ll listen to you, and if you share great ideas, we’ll incorporate them into our work and thank-you.

We Need You

Although we don’t like to shout about it, we rely on your membership to do our work. We don’t receive any funding, the majority of our dedicated team are volunteers who’ve been here for many years. Anything you can do to help us to grow our family and support our work, would mean the world to us.

Membership Options

Although we rely on our membership fees, we don’t want them to cost the earth. We’ve kept them as low and accessible as we can to ensure that our family continues to grow and flourish. We have three membership options, ranging from just £15 a year for students – the average price of a pizza and ‘peint’ in Wales, to £40 a year for organisations and societies.

As a thank-you, we’ve partnered up with some amazing Welsh businesses who will provide our individual adult members, with an exclusive 10% discount each time they shop or book online. You’ll probably get your £25 individual membership back in no time and feel good knowing you are supporting some amazing ‘home grown’ Welsh businesses too! 

  • 20% of your membership fee is donated to good causes.
  • 1 free copy of our bilingual ‘Enfys’ Magazine through the post three times a year
  • 10% off every time you shop or book online with our business partners
  • Monthly newsletters with additional offers
  • Invitation to Members only events and networking opportunities
  • Free refreshments all week at the National Eisteddfod

  • 3 copies of our ‘Enfys’ Magazine through the post three times a year
  • Monthly newsletters with news from Wales and the world
  • Networking opportunities with International Societies

  • 1 digital version of our bilingual ‘Enfys’ Magazine 3 times a year
  • Monthly newsletters with news from Wales
  • An opportunity to contribute to our magazine and blog

All our individual members get 10% off when you shop and book online with the following companies!

Questions? Want To Become a Business Partner?

Email our Marketing Team on marketing@walesinternational.cymru