The people of Wales live all over the world and contribute a huge amount wherever they are. The more we can all connect, the more we can bring this gigantic abundance of skill and passion into a fully functioning network. As a result, Wales and those who care about Wales will become more successful. Join us and be part of our movement.

Aran Jones,
President of Wales International

Blog – Meet the World Wide Welsh

Have you ever worn a Welsh rugby top, only to find a fellow Cymro, Cymraes or a Welsh learner introducing themselves?! Us Welsh are everywhere and we love to connect, especially over a ‘paned’ or a ‘peint’! On our blog you’ll meet the Welsh, achieving all sorts of amazing things, united in their ‘hiraeth’ and flying the flag for Wales wherever they go. Make yourself a paned, pour yourself a peint and let’s meet them.

Check out what we've been up to lately!

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Corporate Partners 

We’re proud to be working in partnership with these fantastic organisations. Together we strive in our mission to put Wales on the map. Click on their logos to discover more about their work.